Alabama Charity Championship Horse Show

October 20-22, 2023

Northeast Agri-Business Center

Rainsville, AL

JUDGE—Ray Krussell

Richmond, IL

ENTRY CLOSING DATE—September 20th, 2023

Entries, stall reservations, and bedding orders should be made on the Entry Form and mailed to the Show Secretary:

Janie Hamilton
839 Ferry Road
Hixson, TN 37343
email: | phone: (214) 478-0897

Post Entry fees will apply to all entries received after the closing date.

Affiliated with the ASHAA, ETSA, SESHA, and a qualifying show for the Kentucky State Fair Worlds Championship Horse Show



SHOW SECRETARY Janie Hamilton—Hixson, TN
ANNOUNCER Travis Olinger – Cleveland, TN
PADDOCK MASTER Janet Crampton – Cleveland, TN
PHOTOGRAPHER & VIDEO Terry Young and EventMix
RINGMASTER Steve Slemmons – Vestavia, AL
BLACKSMITH Taulby Runyon—Cleveland, TN



Stall Fees (Whole Show)(available Oct. 18th ) $130.00
Office Fee (per Performance Horse or per Academy Horse/Rider) $30.00
Shavings (per Bag) $9.00
Entry Fee for Qualifying Classes $35.00
Entry Fee for Stake of Championship Classes $45.00
Entry Fee for Academy Classes $30.00
Post Entry Fee (per Horse after Closing Date—Sept. 20th) $30.00
RV Hookups @ $40.00 per Night $40.00
Box Seats $200.00
VIP Tables $325.00
Sponsorship–Ribbons $50.00
Sponsorship–Trophy $75.00



 ENTRIES—Entries close September 20th, 2023 and must be postmarked by that date.  Any entries postmarked after this date will be considered post entries and pay a $30.00 per horse post entry fee.   ALL ENTRIES MUST BE ACCOMPANIED WITH A CHECK TO RESERVE STALLS.  STALLS ARE ON A FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS.

OPEN CHECKS—The Horse Show requires a signed open check be left with the entry office for all tab accounts.  No back numbers will be issued without an open check.  It is the responsibility of each exhibitor or agent to settle his/her account by the end of the show.  Upon failure to do so, the horse show secretary will fill in the correct amount on the open check and the exhibitor or agent relinquishes the right for adjustment after leaving the show.

STALLS & STALL RESERVATIONS—Stalls and tack stalls are $130.00 each.  No stalls will be assigned until the stall payment is received (open check OK).

STALL ASSIGNMENT POLICY—Stalls will be assigned by the show management to make the most efficient use available stalls.

TRAILER & VEHICLE PARKING—All trailers and vehicles must be parked in designated areas.  Absolutely no trailer or vehicle parking will be permitted in the barn area.  This will be strictly enforced. The fire code dictates that fire lanes must be left open on all sides of the barns in case of emergency.

REFUNDING OF FEES—A full refund will be given to anyone who cancels their entries before the closing date of September 20h, 2023.  After the closing date, stall refunds will be given only if the stalls are re-rented.  Entry fees will be refunded to anyone who cancels up to one (1) hour prior to the start of the session in which they are showing.

RETURNED CHECKS—All returned checks will be charged a $50.00 return check fee.

BEDDING—Bedding will be available for purchase at $9.00 per bag. No outside bedding may be brought in.

JUNIOR EXHIBITOR CLASSES—Limited to riders 17 years of age and younger.   Qualification for junior exhibitor championships may be made in Junior/Limit Classes if qualified by a junior exhibitor.

JUNIOR HORSE CLASSES—Horses four (4) years of age and younger.

LIMIT HORSE CLASSES— Entries may not have won more than six (6) blue ribbons regardless of show rating. Ribbons won in one horse classes or one day shows will not count.

LIMIT RIDER CLASSES— Entries may not have won more than six (6) blue ribbons regardless of show rating. Ribbons won in one horse classes or one day shows will not count.

AMATEUR CLASSES—Amateur Classes are open to both Adults and Junior Exhibitors unless stated Adult Amateurs. Qualification for amateur championships may be made in Junior/Limit Classes if qualified by an Amateur.

WARM-UP RING PROCEDURE—The next class on the schedule has priority for the use of the ring.

RING PROCEDURE—The gate to the show ring will be closed two (2) minutes after the first horse enters the ring.  Any exhibitor not in the ring by that time will not be admitted.  Due to unforeseen problems with mechanical devices, the PA system and paddock calls must be considered a courtesy.  Therefore, no protest will be upheld, nor will any section be changed, on the basis of PA malfunction.

PROPER ATTIRE—All riders, drivers, and attendants must be neatly and appropriately dressed when entering the ring.

STABLE AREA—Gas, electric or propane heaters, propane tanks, hot plates, and air conditioners are prohibited in the stable area.  All electrical extension cords must be 12 gauge, 3 wire, and prong negative type.

ATTENTION GETTING DEVICES—Items such as tape measures, blow horns, split bamboo poles, whistles, or whips longer than six (6) feet that would alter the performance of a horse or disturb another horse will not be allowed at the entrance of the show ring, ring side, or in the warm-up rings.  Explosives, fire extinguishers, and laser light beams are prohibited on the show grounds before, during, and after the show.  All such items will be confiscated.

CAMPERS—Camper hookups are available for $40.00 a night.  Please order your camper spot on your entry blank

VANDALISM—Vandalism of the stalls, facilities, or grounds will result in the assessment of a $500.00 fee for each incident of vandalism and any additional cost.

DOGS ON SHOW GROUNDS—Must be on a leash at all times and are the owner’s responsibility.

GOLF CART USE—Operators of motorized vehicles must possess a valid driver’s license from the state in which they reside.  Violations of this rule will result in the confiscation of the vehicle and a fine of $50.00.  Exception:  wheelchairs and other mobility assistance devices.  Remember, horses have the right-of-way!

EXHIBITORS—Please assist in maintaining clean facilities and grounds by placing litter in trash receptacles.  Please place manure and used shavings from the stalls and trailers in designated areas.  Do not turn horses loose in any ring on the show grounds.

DISCIPLINE—Exhibitors are notified that any act of discourtesy or disobedience to the judge or officials, on the part of the owner, manager, rider, driver, or groom shall be grounds to disqualify the horse, and the owner shall forfeit all fees.  In the case of any horse being disqualified, the winner of the next succeeding prize in that class shall take the prize that had been awarded to the disqualified horse.

PROTEST—If you wish to file a protest, please see horse show management.  There will be a charge of $100.00 until the protest is resolved.  If the protest is in your favor, you will be refunded the $100.00.  If the protest is not in your favor, you forfeit the $100.00.

SHOW COMMITTEE—Reserves the right to decline to receive any entry and to return any entry fee and/or stable fee before or during the show, without being liable for compensation.  Should any questions arise that are not provided for in the foregoing rules, the same shall be referred to the show committee whose decision shall be final.

LIABILITY—The show committee of the Alabama Chairty Championship Horse Show and their volunteers and sponsors, American Saddlebred Horse Association of Alabama’s (ASHAA) officers, and the Northeast Agribusiness Center will not be responsible for any accident which may occur to any owner, vendor, spectator, driver, rider, groom, attendance animal, or equipment at the show.

NEGATIVE COGGINS:  A valid negative Coggins test within one year and a Current Health Certificate must accompany every horse on the grounds that has crossed state lines.

STAKE AND CHAMPIONSHIP CLASSES:  Qualifying is not required to enter any Stake class.  Qualifying is required in a Championship class.

RIBBONS:  8 Ribbons in all classes (except Lead Line–Riders 8 and Under which will receive all Blues).

Every class offered herein will be conducted in the spirit of USEF rules and judged in accordance therewith.  The show committee will act as steward when any rule needs to be reviewed for clarification.