In Western Equipment a less elevated head carriage should not penalized. The Western Equipment horse should have more substance, especially in the quarters.  Qualifying gaits are flat footed four-beat walk, free moving easy riding two-beat jog-trot, and three-beat lope both ways of the ring on a reasonably loose rein without undue restraint.  Extended gaits maybe called for by the judge.  Entries shall be penalized for being on the wrong lead.  Special emphasis shall be placed on the walk.  Horses may be asked to back at judge’s discretion.  A junior horse may be shown in a hackamore or a ring snaffle and may be ridden with two hands or may be shown in a bridle one handed.  All classes in this division are Judged on performance 60%, conformation 30%, and appointments 10%.

  1. Open. Shown by exhibitor of any age.

Wednesday Evening        Entry Fee. $25.00


  1. $250 Open Championship.  Must have qualified by having shown and been judged in class 5.

Friday Evening    Entry Fee. $45.00

Trophy, Ribbons and $80, 50, 45, 30, 25, 20, R, R.