In Saddle Seat Equitation classes, riders should convey the impression of effective and easy control. To show a horse well, he should show himself to the best advantage. Ring generalship must be taken into consideration by the judge. A complete picture of the whole is of major importance. Only the rider is being judged, therefore any horse that is suitable for Saddle Seat style of riding and is capable of performing the required class routine is acceptable (except Stallions). Judges are encouraged to call for at least two tests of the top competitors. The judge’s opinion rests on a 50-50 analysis of the rail work and the individual tests.

  1. Open (17 Years & Under). Tests 1-16.

Thursday Evening      Entry Fee. $25.00


  1. Walk-Trot Saddle Seat Equitation – 10 years & Under. Open to riders 10 years of age and under riding a mare or gelding of any breed. To be judged on the rail at a walk and trot only. Headers will be permitted in the lineup. It is imperative that the horse stand quietly.

Friday Morning      Entry Fee. $25.00


  1. Saddle & Bridle Pleasure Equitation Medallion. . Limited to those riders who show ONLY American Saddlebred Pleasure Horses in equitation during a given competition year and have not reached their 18th birthday. This does not exclude the saddle seat equitation riders also showing other breeds. Country Pleasure Horses and Show Pleasure Horses may both compete.

Friday Morning      Entry Fee. $25.00


  1. Adult Saddle Seat Equitation

Friday Morning      Entry Fee.   $25.00


  1. SESHA Saddle Seat Medallion Finals–Any Age Rider. Must have qualified by competing in a SESHA Medallion qualifying class in 2017. More information at

Friday Evening        Entry Fee  $40.00


  1. Adult Saddle Seat Equitation Championship. Open to amateur riders 18 years of age or older. Tests 1-13 and 15-16. Must have shown in class 67 or 69.

Saturday Morning     Entry Fee.  $35.00


  1. Walk-Trot Saddle Seat Equitation–10 Years & Under Championship. To be eligible, rider must have shown and been judged in class 50.

Saturday Evening       Entry Fee. $35.00


  1. Open Championship (Rider 17 Years & Under). To be eligible, rider must have entered, shown and been judged in class 39, 58 or 69.  At least the top four riders must be worked individually.

Tests 1-16.

Saturday Evening        Entry Fee. $35.00