The Saddlebred Park Pleasure Horse should be stylish with finish and quality and well mannered. The performance should be animated and graceful at all gaits. This section is open to professionals and amateurs. Horses shown in any class of this division are ineligible to show in the Saddlebred Performance Division (i.e. Three-Gaited, Five-Gaited, Fine Harness, and Park Horse) or the Saddlebred Pleasure and Country Pleasure divisions at the same show except they may show in In-Hand or Model classes. Classes in the Park Pleasure division are open to mares and geldings only. Qualifying gaits in under saddle classes are flat walk, trot, and canter. Qualifying gaits in driving classes are flat walk, trot and extended trot, speed to be penalized. Must stand quietly and back readily in the line-up. All classes in this division are judged 75% on manners, performance, presence, and quality; 25% on total conformation.

  1. Open.  Open to any exhibitor.

Wednesday Evening                   Entry Fee. $25.00


  1. Novice Horse.  Open to horses that have not won three first place ribbons (ribbons won in one-horse classes do not count).

Friday Morning                           Entry Fee. $25.00


  1. Junior/Denver Horse.  Open to horses five-years-old and under.

Friday Morning                          Entry Fee. $25.00


  1. Three-Year-Old.  Open to horses three-years-old and under.

Friday Evening                         Entry Fee. $25.00


  1. $300 Open Championship.  Must have qualified by having shown and been judged in any class in this division.

Saturday Evening                   Entry Fee $50.00

Trophy, Ribbons and $85, 60, 50, 40, 35, 30, R, R.