Academy Classes:

Riders in this division are beginners who have just started to take riding lessons and are to be judged on their basic riding skills. Horses that are used are to to be school horses or academy type horses. Horses may cross enter into any Pleasure class at this show with a different exhibitor. Riders may not cross enter into any other division at this show, other than driving.


Entry Fees:  $20.00 per Qualifying Class and $25.00 per Championship Class

  1. Academy Driving–Any Age Driver
  2. Lead Line–Rider 6 and Under
  3. Walk and Trot Lead Line Showmanship–Rider 8 and Under
  4. Walk and Trot Lead Line Equitation–Rider 8 and Under
  5. Academy Showmanship WTC–Adult Amateur
  6. Academy Equitation WTC–Adult Amateur
  7. Academy Showmanship WTC–Rider 17 and Under
  8. Academy Equitation WTC–Rider 17 and Under
  9. Academy WTC–Any Age Rider Championship
  10. Academy Showmanship WT–Adult Amateur
  11. Academy Equitation WT–Adult Amateur
  12. Academy Showmanship WT–Rider 11 through 17
  13. Academy Equitation WT–Rider 11 through 17
  14. Academy WT–Rider 11 and Over Championship
  15. Academy Showmanship WT–Rider 9 and 10
  16. Academy Equitation WT–Rider 9 and 10
  17. Academy Showmanship WT–Rider 8 and Under
  18. Academy Equitation WT–Rider 8 and Under
  19. Academy WT–Rider 10 and Under Championship